The Wind Rises | BD | UK

Title: Kaze tachinu aka The Wind Rises
Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Year: 2013
Edition: United Kingdom
Extra features: Limited Edition | Blu-ray + DVD | 2 Discs | Digipak | 5 Postcards | Out of Print (OOP)

 photo WindRises-01_zps60b3f964.jpg

 photo WindRises-011_zps42d43e51.jpg  photo WindRises-012_zpsfe156a4b.jpg  photo WindRises-013_zps87e23484.jpg  photo WindRises-014_zps768ffb29.jpg  photo WindRises-015_zps05af2bf0.jpg  photo WindRises-016_zpsae540419.jpg  photo WindRises-017_zps17ee0a54.jpg