Guardians of the Galaxy | BD | UK

Title: Guardians of the Galaxy
Director: James Gunn
Year: 2014
Edition: United Kingdom
Extra features: Limited Edition | Blu-ray + 3D | 2 Discs | Steelbook | Zavvi Exclusive | Out of Print (OOP)

 photo GuardiansGalaxy-01_zpsb4846c24.jpg

 photo GuardiansGalaxy-011_zps59a68898.jpg  photo GuardiansGalaxy-013_zpsa0f5cf2e.jpg  photo GuardiansGalaxy-018_zps633c3157.jpg  photo GuardiansGalaxy-012_zps089bef70.jpg  photo GuardiansGalaxy-014_zpsf565089d.jpg  photo GuardiansGalaxy-015_zps87c9ea1b.jpg  photo GuardiansGalaxy-016_zps95598abe.jpg  photo GuardiansGalaxy-017_zps01f4d405.jpg